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品牌: Casio

(G’z EYE 13mm 超廣角、1/2.3 吋 CMOS、690 萬像素、4 米防撞、50 米防水、防塵及耐寒 690 萬像素 1x 光學變焦 NP-150 專用充電池 機身 152 Gram)

品牌: Casio

First CASIO camera using G-Shock design element Urban or extreme sports design Dramatic slow motion movie brand new apps for controlling GZE-1 Super wide angle lens 30 frames high speed continuous shooting

GZE-1 舊型號產品 適合惡劣拍攝環境使用的堅固相機。 從惡海到寒山,以至繁忙的城市街頭,挑戰所有領域的極限。COOL STREET GEAR G’z EYE 的誕生,讓視覺通訊的世界動起來

13/10/2017 · Casio G’z EYE GZE-1 更多 樣本照片庫 用家心得 相機鏡頭測試 相機資料館 Casio Casio G’z EYE GZE-1 基本資料 詳細規格 用家心得 (1) 二手市場 (0) 相關介紹 (1) 13mm 超廣角、1/2.3 吋 CMOS、690 萬像素、4 米防撞、50 米防水、防塵及耐寒

13/10/2017 · Casio’s bionic-looking new action camera, the GZE-1, is built with extreme sports in mind. The little camera is drop-proof, freeze-proof, dust-proof, and waterproof to 50 meters.

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Strength to overcome the limits of your environment In an urban or extreme sports setting, strength matters. Inspired by G-SHOCK and constructed with the same durability, the G’z EYE copes with harsh environments, extreme conditions, and demanding activities.

11/10/2017 · 今天 Casio 發表的 G’z EYE 品牌就是將這個概念再進一步延伸,並且引入了 G-Shock 系列手錶主打的強固概念(G’z 的部份是來自 G’zOne 手機品牌吧)。這概念可不只是牢靠而已,系列首作 GZE-1 連外觀它都被 Casio 弄成和 G-Shock 一個樣,只是把錶面換成了

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October 29, 2019 Casio to Release Handheld Terminal with Large 5.7-inch LCD for Optimum Readability at a Glance September 27, 2019 Casio to Release Scientific Calculators with Simple Designs for Ease of Use and Natural Textbook Display September 19

Casio is the go-to brand for many people when it comes to watches. Whether you love to collect watches or just want to get a high-quality timepiece, get to know these G-shock G-Shock watches are designed to be waterproof and come with a stopwatch feature.

These affordable watches are available in any Casio watch collection except for the Premium and Edifice lines. G-Shock and Baby-G are two of the collections that offer this affordable price range. Moreover, it’s important to keep in mind that the price does not

CASIO 官方主頁頁面。 2019年9月27日 卡西歐發佈具簡單易用的教科書書寫顯示的函數計數機

Casio GZE-1 (G’z EYE 13mm 超廣角、1/2.3 吋 CMOS、690 萬像素、4 米防撞、50 米防水、防塵及耐寒 690 萬像素 1x 光學變焦 NP-150 專用充電池 機身 152 Gram) 上市日期: 2017年11

CASIO GZE-1價格比價共101筆商品。還有casio ga-2100、casio ae-1200、casio zr。BigGo比個夠,最即時的全球商品與超強的搜尋功能還加上現金返還,讓你比價比個夠BigGo!

30/11/2017 · 很擅長把相機包裝成不同獨特模樣的 Casio,最新就把相機給塞進 G-Shock 的外形設計,做出了擁有型格外觀的 G’z EYE 系列,首款產品 GZE-1 更在今天抵港上架,定價 HK$3,480 / NT$13,490。小編今天就稍稍試用過這款 GZE-1,接下來就跟

Introducing an all-new line of “Cool Street Gear,” Casio is releasing the G’z EYE GZE-1 Tough Camera on October 27 in Japan. The GZE-1 is a portable full HD action camera with a G-Shock-like “Shock Resist” exterior designed for shooting extreme sports like

適用機型:Casio G’z EYE GZE-1, 比較 Casio GEC-1 遙距控制 價格,查看詳細規格、用家意見、相關情報及二手買賣,安心訂購產品享折扣優惠及購物保障

25/10/2019 · 二手 Casio G’z EYE GZE-1 搜尋 未有找到類似 「Casio G’z EYE GZE-1」 的資料 前往二手買賣區找尋 熱門攝影器材 more 售 Samsung Note 8 HK$1,599 售 紅米 note 8 pro 6+128 珍珠白 HK$1,480 售 99%華為Mate 20 pro 6 +128錄色行貨有保

13/10/2017 · Casio 為 GZE-1 推出多種不同的配件。 GZE-1 除了可以配合專用的手機 App、同廠 ProTrek 系列智能手錶 WSD-F10 和 WSD-F20 遙距控制外,亦可以仿如 FR 系列相機一樣以專用的「離機顯示屏」取景。新機專用的 GEC-10 三吋觸控屏幕為另購配件(20,000

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24/11/2017 · 70+ channels, more of your favorite shows, & unlimited DVR storage space all in one great price.


Casio 的 G-Shock 手錶有不少捧場客,唔知採用相同設計風格,同樣堅固的三防技術的 G’z EYE 運動相機,又會唔會吸納到喜歡 G-Shock 手錶嘅 Fans 呢?日前 Casio 喺日本推出 G’z EYE 品牌,第一款產品就係「放大版」G-Shock 咁款嘅 GZE-1 運動相機。Casio

20/10/2017 · Casio has crafted a new durable camera called the G’z EYE GZE-1 that draws inspiration from its popular G-Shock watch. The miniscule device boasts a “Shock Resist” body that prevents the hardware from getting damaged when users are capturing video

【G-Shock 設計 Casio GZE-1 運動相機 – TechLife 現已有售】 呢個 Model GZE-1,表面上佢似一隻 G-Shock,實際上佢係一部 Casio 全新推出嘅運動相機,G-Shock 只係佢嘅掩飾,其實係一個鏡頭,下載埋 GZE-1 手機應用程式,錄製播放一機過!

Considering the Casio GZE-1? Get all the reviews in one place, compare prices, ask questions & more. We want you to know that The Informr is an independent resource. While we aim to provide you with the most accurate information and

Considering the Casio GZE-1? Get all the reviews in one place, compare prices, ask questions & more. 0 Doro 611 takes the charge then displays ‘ invalid charger’ . It is the charger which came with his phone. Does anyone know what the problem is please?!

GZE-1の主な特長 エクストリームスポーツでの使用に耐えるタフネス構造 耐衝撃腕時計「G-SHOCK」の持つタフネスを彷彿とさせる、4m落下耐衝撃性能、50m防水性能、IP6Xの防塵性能、-10 Cの耐低温性能を備えました。


Casio G’z Eye GZE-1 Action Camera – With 50 meters (164 feet) of waterproofing and 4 meters (14 feet) of shockproofing, the Casio G’z Eye GZE-1 Action Camera is about as durable and rugged as you could hope to get from a camera. Shoot HD video and stills

GZE – 1 is released on 27th October, price is open, estimated market price is around 50,000 yen including tax. Let’s deliver the outline of performance and function here, as a separate article ” Casio, New Brand” G’z EYE “to Present Toughness Camera” GZE-1 ”

10/12/2017 · Hand held test shot with the Casio Gze-1 『G’z Eye』 action camera at Tseung Kwan O Skatepark, Hong Kong. Shot by Julius Brian Siswojo Skaters: Myself and Timon Matena.

作者: Warren R.M. Stuart

12/10/2017 · Casio的G-Shock手錶有不少捧場客,唔知採用相同設計風格,同樣堅固的三防技術的G’zEYE運動相機,又會唔會吸納到喜歡G-Shock手錶嘅Fans呢?日前Casio喺日本推出G’zEYE品牌,第一款產品就係「放大版」G-Shock咁款嘅GZE-1運動相機。

Casio EXILIM High Speed EX-TR50 EX-TR50WE (White) LIFE STYLE Brilliant Beauty / Self-Portrait Beauty / Selfish Digital Camera with 11.1 MP with 3.0-Inch Super Clear LCD –

8/9/2018 · Saat denilince ilk akla gelen marka olan Casio’nun yeni akıllı saati Pro Trek Smart’ın WSD-F30 model kodlu yeni versiyonuna göz attık. 1 aya varan batarya süresi ile diğer akıllı saatlerden farklı bir yapıda olan Casio Pro Trek Smart, 3 farklı renkde geliyor. Hem

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CASIO GZE-1價格比價共104筆商品。還有casio ga-2100、casio ae-1200、casio zr。BigGo比個夠,最即時的全球商品與超強的搜尋功能還加上現金返還,讓你比價比個夠BigGo!

24/1/2018 · In the latest case of a product to be filed under “of course this exists,” Casio has announced a rugged action camera heavily influenced by its iconic G-Shock brand. Though the G’z Eye GZE-1 takes its name from Casio’s line of sturdy smartphones, its design comes straight from the company’s tough watches. The GZE-1 isn

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30/10/2019 · Buying Casio watches online is now easy, thanks to the wide range of online shopping portals. You can sit in the comfort of your home, log onto an online shopping portal, and browse through and compare the features, specifications and price of two or more

CASIO GZE-1 G-SHOCK價格比價共49筆商品。還有casio g-shock、casio g shock、casio shock。BigGo比個夠,最即時的全球商品與超強的搜尋功能還加上現金返還,讓你比價比

Casio has applied its unique ideas and technologies to the creation of new culture through the digital cameras it has offered as visual communication tools since 1995. That year saw the release of the QV-10, the world’s first consumer digital camera with a LCD.

CASIO GZE-1 G-SHOCK概念 運動相機 極限運動 防水 防震 防塵 耐寒 群光公司貨 分期零利率的比價結果。價格由3990元到5144元。總共在2個賣場銷售 ~ 蝦皮商城, Yahoo奇摩

13/10/2017 · Casio Japan has announced a new tough action camera the G’z EYE GZE-1 – it’s drop proof from a height of 4m, waterproof down to 50m, and IP6X dust proof. It has a 190.8 degree wide-angle lens which can be used for stills, or for video it will