campfire jupiter ck

The Jupiter is my first Campfire Audio product. I’ve had them for a few days now and I love them. They weren’t immediately engaging but after letting them break-in for 3-4 hours they really began to shine. They are very comfortable and I have a great fit with the silicon

11/2/2016 · Campfire Audio,其實是著名線材品牌 ALO Audio 為涉足耳機產品而成立的耳機品牌,打頭陣之作去年年中推出的入耳式動圈耳機 Lyra,而在早前,該品牌定位一高一低的兩款動鐵耳機 — Orion 及 Jupiter 亦已正式在港推出,而今次評測的主角,就是擁有 4

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