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Ability, capability, and capacity are synonyms in many of their uses. All are frequently used to refer to one’s power to perform an action. For example, one might have the ability, capability, or capacity to read two books in a week. But capacity—which is extended

What is the difference between Capacity and Capability? • Capacity is the ability that exists at present and capability refers to the higher level of ability that an individual can achieve or improve to • Capacity is the ability to hold, accommodate, or receive as in the

17/5/2010 · The difference in meaning between the words ability and capability is pretty thin. You really can’t blame the majority of the public using the words interchangeably. Although they seem to have close definitions, it is important to note that using one in place of the other is sometimes


Is this an ability, or a capability? These words are so similar that an argument could be made for either. In this particular example, most writers would agree that capability is a better fit. I’ll show you why. What is the Difference Between Capability and Ability? vs.

It is a really subtle difference, I’ll try articulating it as best as I can. To have the ability to do something means you are able to carry out the task, while having the capability to do it means you have the potential to do the task but you may

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Usage notes * (skill or competence) Usually used in the plural. * Ability, capacity : these words come into comparison when applied to the higher intellectual powers. ** Ability has reference to the active」 exercise of our faculties. It implies not only native vigor of mind

Main Difference – Ability vs Capability

As nouns the difference between capacity and capability is that capacity is the ability to hold, receive or absorb while capability is the power or ability to generate an outcome. As a adjective capacity is filling the allotted space.

Capacity vs Capability Capacity and capability are two concepts that are very confusing for people trying to master the language. This is because of the similarities in the meanings of these two words and also because of the fact that these word

What is the difference between Ability and Capability? • Ability is the present level of skill while capability talks about the potential a person has for future. • A runner may be good at sprinting, but it is hard to tell if he is capable of doing long distance running.

So what is the difference between Capacity and Capability? A Capacity is the ability that exists at present whilst capability refers to the higher level of ability that could be demonstrated under the right conditions. As well as understanding abilities, capabilities.

Strictly speaking, capacity is the ability to contain something, or amount which can be contained. But it’s occasionally (and inelegantly, imho) used in contexts where one would normally expect capability (essentially, a synonym for ability). It’s worth noting usage

Ability Vs Capability: There is little difference between the meaning of ability and capability. Term Capability means the feature of being capable of something. While on the other hand ability is a word that pertains to being able. So it means if someone is considered

Ability, capacity and capability – the difference between them and why, in respect of all three, (most) schools ask and answer the wrong questions. Gathered in the school yard at the heart of the school campus are a class of students readying themselves to

It was, in any case, beyond the capability of one man If someone has a particular capacity, a capacity for something, or a capacity to do something, they have the characteristics required to do it. Capacity is a more formal word than ability. their capacity his

ability / capacity / capability / aptitude の違いを詳しく説明します。ER Synonym Dictionary Online は日本人英語学習者のための英語類義語辞典です。似た意味の語の違いを図などを用いて詳しく解説しています。全項目ネイティブの審査を受けています。

13/1/2005 · Ability – 能力指工作能力,學習能力等等做事的能力。His learing ability is extremly well.他的學習能力超好的。Capability – 能做多少的潛力指對某件事能做到多好。Do you have the capability of answering 20 questions a day?你有沒有辦法一天回答20個問題?

A capability is the ability to do things and to choose for a way of life according to one’s personal values. As it applies to human capital, capability represents performing or achieving certain actions/ outcomes in terms of the intersection of capacity and ability. Capability may also refer to:

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ability, capability和capacity三个名词都有“能力”的意思,区别如下 1、含义不同 ability的含义较广,主要指人具有从事体力或脑力劳动的能力,并且暗含能够干好的意味。其复数形式表示“才能,专门技能”。capability的含义与ability相似,但它既可以指人,又

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These near-synonyms actually mean slightly different things—but teasing out the subtleties requires a bit of hairsplitting. To drive the first wedge, distinguish between ability and capacity. Ability denotes actual (as opposed to potential) skill that may be either native

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Capacity is the ability that exists at present and capability refers to the higher level of ability that an individual can achieve or improve to (引用元:Difference Between.com) つまり、capacityは「既に存在する能力」で、capabilityは「今後、到達できるであろう

Capability (noun) the power or ability to do something 「the company’s capability to increase productivity」 「he had an intuitive capability of bringing the best out in people」 Capability (noun) the extent of someone’s or something’s ability 「the job is beyond my

28/4/2008 · Capability is a certain ability, the quality of being capable, a potential aptitude. Capacity is the ability to contain, that is: volume or amount that fits in a certain container for example. The maximum amount that something can contain. It is also a certain rank: He/she

Capacity and capability are important insofar as they influence performance. And importantly, capability may also influence future performance, and the ability to change and strengthen over time. The take-away is that generic capacity is important, but specific

The BIGG Difference Between Ability and Capability August 27, 2010 / 4 Comments / in Personal Development / by George Krueger & Mary-Lynn Foster BIGG success is life on your own terms .

20/12/2007 · ability,capability,capacity Ability: . 能力;能耐[+to-v] She did the work to the best of her ability. 她已盡了力去做那件工作了。 He is a man of great ability. 他是位能力很強的人。 2. 才能;專門技能[P1] The acting abilities of both are well-known. 兩人的表演才能

capacity the amount of space a container, room etc has to hold things or people someone’s ability to do something 引用:Longman現代英英辞典 capability the natural ability, skill, or power that makes a machine, person, or organization able to do something

18/10/2019 · ability的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. the physical or mental power or skill needed to do something: 2. used to form nouns from。了解更多。 示例均來自劍橋英語語料庫及網路資源。示例中的觀點不代表劍橋詞典編輯、劍橋大學出版社和其許可證頒發者的觀點。

8/10/2019 · capability的意思、解釋及翻譯:1. the ability to do something: 2. the number of weapons, soldiers, etc. a country has to fight a。了解更多。 示例均來自劍橋英語語料庫及網路資源。示例中的觀點不代表劍橋詞典編輯、劍橋大學出版社和其許可證頒發者的觀點。

11/8/2010 · Each word has a lot of entries in the dictionary, but in general, the nouns ability and capacity are synonyms, but for the noun capability, for which I didn’t find any entry in the dictionary, it seems to me that it can have a different connotation (being disposed toward).

Capability vs Ability: The Difference Explained posted by John Spacey, November 12, 2018 An ability is the power, skill, means and opportunity to do something. A capability is the ability, aptitude or fitness to do something. The Difference In common

5/3/2007 · They’re very different, so maybe a non stat way is the way to start. Capacity is how much a process can produce over a given time period. Measurement is parts/time. Capability is the ability or inability for a process to consistently meet a product/service customer specification. A few

What is the difference between capability and ability? An ability is the power to do something and often refers to the skills and talents of a person whereas capability refers to the practical ability of a person or an enterprise. Ability is a generic quality which is non

Ability、capability 和 capacity 就许多用法而言是近义词。这三个词常用于描述一个人完成某个动作的能力。例如,一个人可能拥有一周读两本的 ability、capability 或 capacity。但是 capacity——其与其它动词共有的含义通过比喻得到了进一步扩展——还有其它动词

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capability 能力,性能,容量 ground-attack aircraft do struggle in a dogfight compared to the rest of the warplanes, because of their low maneuvering capability.

Ability、capability 和 capacity 的区别 JamesKyle 2015-05-26 16:23:05 Ability、capability 和 capacity 就许多用法而言是近义词。这三个词常用于描述一个人完成某个动作 的能力。例如,一个人可能拥有一周读两本的 ability、capability 或 capacity。

Capability vs. Capacity The desire to do it all yourself is powerful. The idea that you can do everything on your own without others is so intoxicating that it can often sneak up on you. One day you’re at your peak and the next you’re stumbling, trying to figure out

「ちがうかも」したとき 相手に通知されません。 質問者のみ、だれが「ちがうかも」したかを知ることができます。 Capability means the ability to do something. Ability is skill. Example: You have a super strength ability! That means you are capable of carrying a truck.